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VertiMax V8

VertiMax V8

Manufacturer: N/A
Price: $3,095.00
$3,295.00 Large 4ftx6ft BACKORDERED
$3,095.00 Standard 4ftx5ft BACKORDERED
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8 Band Training System
On & Off-Platform Training
Lower & Upper Body
4 Multi-Vector Bands

The V8 is our ultimate ON & OFF-platform speed & agility training system. It has all the capabilities of the V6 Pro units plus additional on and off platform training capabilities.

Our most advanced unit features four (4) internal bands for loading the legs at the hips and knees utilizing the waist belt and hip flexor harnesses that come with the unit. Two of the four (4) additional multi-vector bands allow you to apply arm loading when jump training using the hand straps included with the unit. The four (4) multi-vector bands allow you to configure hundreds of sports specific exercises on or off the platform for optimal training benefits. This training system allows athletes to train off the platform with up to 4 topside bands attached to their feet, hips and or hands providing unbeatable speed and agility training benefits for advanced athletes. One to eight bands can be attached to the athlete simultaneously. Band resistance settings range from 4 to 28 pounds allowing up to 120lb to applied to the athlete’s legs for jump training purposes.

The V8 system is the only speed training device in the world that can dynamically load the leg driving muscles (gluts, quads & calves) AND the leg pulling muscles (hip flexor, abductor and adductor) simultaneously on BOTH legs when sprinting. The capability to train for explosive power in both the leg drive and leg pulling phase of running accounts for both halves of the speed equation which no other system does, and that’s what make this system the most effective speed and vertical jump training device in the world

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